Introduction to Administrative Law

Introduction to Administrative Law

1. Definition and Scope of Administrative Law:

- Overview of administrative law as a branch of public law
- Distinction between administrative law and other branches of law
- Scope and application of administrative law in the functioning of administrative bodies

2. Principles of Administrative Law:
- Rule of Law and its relevance to administrative law
- Principles of natural justice and their significance in administrative decision-making
- Doctrine of legitimate expectation and its role in protecting individual rights

3. Sources of Administrative Law:
- Statutory provisions governing administrative bodies
- Case law and judicial precedents shaping administrative law principles
- Constitutional provisions relevant to administrative law

4. Administrative Decision-Making:
- Types of administrative decisions and their characteristics
- Procedural requirements in administrative decision-making
- Delegated legislation and its control mechanisms

5. Judicial Review of Administrative Action:
- Nature and importance of judicial review in administrative law
- Grounds for judicial review: illegality, irrationality, procedural impropriety
- Remedies available in judicial review proceedings

6. Administrative Tribunals:
- Role and functions of administrative tribunals
- Advantages and limitations of administrative tribunals compared to regular courts
- Reviewing decisions of administrative tribunals through the appellate process

7. Liability of Administrative Bodies:
- Concept of liability in administrative law
- Different forms of liability: tortious, contractual, and statutory
- Remedies available for individuals harmed by administrative action

8. Accountability and Transparency:
- Importance of accountability in administrative governance
- Right to information and its significance in ensuring transparency
- Ombudsman institutions and their role in promoting accountability

9. Emerging Issues in Administrative Law:
- Administrative law in the digital era
- Administrative law and environmental protection
- Challenges and future prospects of administrative law

Please note that these are general topics that are typically covered in an introductory course on administrative law. The depth and coverage of each topic may vary depending on the specific course or curriculum.

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